przenośnik ślimakowy

Przenośniki ślimakowe
dostosowane do potrzeb klienta
Kosze przyjęciowe
mechaniczne i grawitacyjne
Silosy, zbiorniki, pojemniki
indywidualne projekty
Wyposażenie pomocnicze do przenośników
Rozdzielacze, jarzma i inne




The cyclone is a cheap and first-class machinery for grains dedusting. It has proven its effectiveness in extraction of fine dust from the grains. This type of machinery has been installed
at grain cleaners.
Rolmet Company is a producer of this machinery popular for years. We have an experience in this field supported by numerous implementations.




Winnowing machines


The winnowing machine is a simple type of machinery used for refining grain through dedusting. The winnowing machine removes pollutants only lighter than the grain. A stream of air separates the light fractions which are later retaken in the cyclone.



Building of constructions connected with refitting agricultural facilities with ladder systems, staging, supporting constructions is a natural consequence of offering our products. Our machines and equipment often require specialised installation.

In a situation when the machines are installed on highly complex facilities, our company comes to the assistance. Installing machines, we give a guarantee of their proper working, safety of service. Our constructions are verified, they meet building requirements.


Other equipment


We also produce other metal elements. Among them there are varoius types of hatchways, mounting, handles, stands, etc.

Different examples of metal elements produced by Our company are illustrated below.




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